Carmelo Anthony’s short time with the Rockets could reportedly be coming to an end

Carmelo Anthony

The Houston Rockets are having a struggling start to the season, and part of that has been the addition of Carmelo Anthony.

The team reportedly met with Anthony about his role with the team over the weekend as he was ruled out against the Spurs due to illness.

“Talks are fluid” from Woj has turned into Marc Stein of the NY Times reporting that Carmelo’s brief time with the Rockets is coming to an end.

It’s well known that Anthony has had some trouble adjusting to his new role off the bench. It’s also quite visible that the Rockets don’t look like the same threatening offensive force we saw last season. That’s not all on Anthony.

Many felt that the losses of Trevor Ariza and Luc Mbah Moute outweighed the addition of Anthony. Others, like James Harden himself, felt like this environment would make for a smooth transition for Anthony.

Carmelo is averaging a career-low 13.4 points in his first 10 games with the Rockets. It’s still early to make conclusions.


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