Carmelo Anthony is Considering Waiving No-Trade Clause



Credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II
Credit: AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Carmelo Anthony may already be fed up with this disaster that is the New York Knicks. A report came out this morning in the New York Post that Anthony will consider waiving his no-trade clause that currently stands in his contract. A source told the post that he would be willing to give up the clause if Knicks’ president, Phil Jackson could trade him to a team that he would want to play for.

This deal could work out completely in Anthony’s favor because it could get him out of this frustrating situation with the Knicks as well as allow him to keep a good chunk of the money that he negotiated, which is the main reason he resigned with New York. During the off season, Anthony stated that he wanted to come back to New York because that’s where his heart was and he also wanted to bring win them a championship however Carmelo didn’t think that things would be this bad. A source spoke to the Post stating:

“He thought things would be better than this, but he still wants to stick it out for now. He trusts Phil, but I think he’s afraid of Phil.”

The New York Knicks are at an all time low. They are currently on a 10 game losing streak in which they are amongst the bottom in the Eastern Conference. They had a player’s only meeting last week due to speculated tensions in the locker room. It came out this week that Carmelo Anthony and Tim Hardaway Jr. were going back and forth which caused a lot of commotion in New York but they both denied the speculations.

If things couldn’t get any worst for the Knicks, Carmelo is out with a knee injury and might need surgery. All roads lead down hill for Anthony and the Knicks, and the team desperately needs him on the floor to turn things around. If this knee injury is serious, it can affect his current team as well as possible trade prospects for the future.


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