Can Harrison Barnes average 20 points on a bad team?


Can Harrison Barnes average 20 points on a bad team?

Is the Pope Catholic?

Of course this guy can average 20 points a game on a bad team simply because this guy can play, he just hasn’t shown it all yet. Playing with the Golden State Warriors, Harrison Barnes isn’t asked to do much. Play defense, do the little things, and knock down open corner jumpers is just about it. So when you look at the box score at times and see that he didn’t produce much you may think, “oh, this guy isn’t that good” but that’s just the opinion of the casual fan. If you’ve really watched Barnes, then you know he’s a solid player just fulfilling his role at the time and his teammate, Andrew Bogut can attest to that:

“People are idiots,” Bogut said of Barnes’ critics. “Everyone looks at it, ‘Oh, he only scored four points, he played bad.’ No, not necessarily.

“His defense has gotten a lot better; he’s starting to make the right play for us, with the hockey assist, which we haven’t seen early in his career.”

Bogut knows what Barnes means to this team but he also believes if he was on a bad team, he could put more points on the stat sheet.

“Look, if he’s on a bad team, he’s averaging 20 a game, you know?”

When you play alongside Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green your scoring opportunities are limited. He absolutely touches the ball a lot in their fluent offense and he gets his looks here and there, but when he has guys of this caliber along side of him, it’s not necessarily meant for him to shoot the ball every time he gets it. You’d rather Steph and Klay taking shots rather than Harrison and that doesn’t mean he’s bad at all. That just means they have options and that’s what makes them so LETHAL.

Harrison Barnes Dunk

But when it comes to Harrison Barnes’s scoring ability, don’t sleep! He’s very versatile, with a 6’8 stature that can knock down the long ball or get to the cup and finish.  He had his best season this year, averaging 11.7 points per game shooting .466 from the field. When you look at his shot selection you can see that there’s not a shot that he doesn’t like. He shot the ball efficiently from just about everywhere on the floor.


Harrison Barnes can play. He’s a workoholic on the defensive end and he gets it done on the offensive end. As the second guy on a team, I surely believe he can average 20 points per game. He has the ability to knock down open shots but also can score in multiple ways. His versatility is what makes his game attractive and is what will cause a lot of teams to be calling him this offseason since he opted out of his contract extension. Barnes hasn’t fully displayed what he’s capable of simply because he’s not asked to on this team, but if you want a glimpse of a part of his capabilities, check out some of his highlights from last season:


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