Buddy Hield has the work ethic every rookie should have

Buddy Hield

Buddy Hield is one of the best wing players that was selected in the 2016 NBA draft. As the number 6 pick, he’s filling a huge void for the New Orleans Pelicans who have lacked a consistent wing scorer for the past couple of years. And early on during this preseason, Coach Alvin Gentry is seeing a huge work ethic coming from their rookie:

I’m sure all coaches around the world would love to have this same problem. Whenever you have to kick a guy out of the gym, it’s never a bad thing. Coaches always want their players to work hard and put the extra time in but at the same time, they don’t want players to overhaul themselves and risk a preventable injury.

Hearing this coming from Coach Gentry makes me even more excited to see how Buddy Hield performs this season. Having that work ethic and dedication at such a young stage in his career is a great thing. When you hear people discuss the greats of the past, you always hear how much they loved being in the gym. And although it’s too premature to say how great Buddy Hield will be, this is a great first step in completing that equation.

With Eric Gordon gone and Tyreke Evans battling early setbacks, Hield will be looked at as the second scorer behind Anthony Davis. The ball will be in his hands a lot this season and he will be asked to produce. The pressure may be on Buddy Hield early on but with this type of work ethic, it’s easy to see that he’s focused on the right thing.


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