Bryce Brown Scouting Report

Bryce Brown

Team: Auburn

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’3 198 lbs.



The Stone Mountain native was one of the leaders of this Auburn squad that has made it to the Final Four. A poised scoring guard that has become an even more improved playmaker in his final year, Brown has helped place the Tigers into the history books. The shooting is what makes Brown dangerous on the offensive end. He’s an above average three point shooter, having made 20 out of 49 three pointers prior to the beginning of the Final Four.

Brown plays shooting guard for the Tigers, but only standing at 6’3″ he fits the frame of a point guard at the next level. A similar frame to Jason Terry, he is able to get to his hot spots on the floor and knock down the open jumper.

He finished the regular season shooting 50.5% on 2 point shots and 81% from the free throw line and is undoubtedly one of the best spot shooters in the country and has become a solid defender as well.

The scoring guard has found a way defensively to become a pest. He and Jared Harper comprise arguably the fiercest defensive backcourt when they are in a zone in not only the SEC, but the country. A career high 41 steals in the regular season, Brown continues to improve on what NBA executives called his weaknesses a year ago. He is known as one of the best defenders in the SEC throughout the season.

Brown has proven to be an improved playmaker in his fourth year, understanding that he has to become a more creative playmaker to continue to score at the highest level he can.



Bryce had an alarming 64 turnovers in the regular season and that is the opposite of efficiency. He has to become a more responsible guard if asked to come in at the next level. He will be asked to play the point guard position in the association more than likely off of the bench. To see long minutes you must be responsible with the basketball.

Though he lacks elite size, he must be able to draw fouls at the next level to shoot more free throws. His slashing ability will levitate his game from tenth man on the bench to sixth man. He’s an assertive player, but he will have to adapt and believe in his shot. He will not receive as many looks at the next level unless he can display consistency.

I mentioned that he is an improved playmaker, but to be a point at the next level, he still has a far distance to go. He’s a two guard and relegates to Harper as the initiator at Auburn. The turnovers he’s forced along with the lack of creation ability is worrying.


Future Outlook:

Bryce Brown is a solid three point shooter, ranking in the Top 30 in NCAA history in three pointers made. He has solid defense with point guard size. Brown will be considered in the second round because of his elite shooting ability, but it’s hard to see him being draftable right now. He must become a better playmaker and improved slasher at the next level to become impactful with his smaller frame.


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