Brook Lopez’s Three Point Shot Is One Of The Biggest Storylines Of This Season

brook lopez nets
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Brook Lopez has always been a back to the basket player. He excels on the block and his right-handed mini hook is nearly unstoppable. We’ve known this for some time and for someone who’s 28 years old, we didn’t think he would change his game much.

Oh, how we were wrong.

Brook Lopez has developed a three point shot. This is Brook Lopez’s 9th season. In his previous 8 seasons, he had attempted a combined 31 three-pointers while making 3. This year, in the first 10 games including the 1st half of the game today, he has made 22 threes on 58 attempts.

That’s not something to just look over. It’s a very big deal as he’s starting to change the position. Sure, guys like DeAndre Jordan, Andre Drummond, and Dwight Howard will probably never be able to contribute from beyond the arc whatsoever, but it does say something about the others.

This is more significant for guys like Hassan Whiteside and Nikola Vucevic who have a mid-range game and a nice touch on their shot. Brook’s success may now drive change in the center position.

The Nets are rebuilding and most likely won’t be making the playoffs. Still, you can tell by watching each game how positively Brook’s established three-point game has helped the team. For players with an already established mid-range game, it might be worth extending their game to be able to do the same for their team.


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