Basketball Society Junior Spotlight: Addison Archer

Addison Archer

Today, I want to discuss a young and promising hooper in the 8th grade, Addison Archer.

Addison has a dominating presence at 6’7” in the eighth grade to start, but his defensive instincts is what separates him from the rest of the pack. Archer plays the game at a methodical pace, constantly showcasing a high basketball IQ. He is the best shot blocker in the eighth grade class in North Carolina, and arguably in the country. He has solid timing and with his size advantage he rarely has to foul if he has good positioning. The Forest City native has soft hands which bodes well for a player of his size. Offensively, he’ll continue to improve as he grows into his body.

He is learning how to use his body to his advantage with and without the ball. Archer has been able to create a lot of fast break opportunities for his team in Charlotte over the weekend because of his I.Q. He’s not a player that plays too fast and seems to understand that his length will be what separates him at the high school level as he continues to grow into his body.

Additionally, Archer does not lack athleticism at all. He continues to punch in the ball on fast breaks and he has the potential to most likely dunk simply off of his vert if he so happens to get the opportunity. He has a certain nuance to his game that reminds you of a player that will be able to become ELITE with his size and mystique.

He has the potential to become an elite defender as he continues to get stronger in High school. Once he learns two, three consistent post moves he will be able to maximize his potential. Archer possesses a solid mid-range game as well. He must become a better shot maker to stretch the floor as he progresses. If Archer capitalizes off of his elite footwork he will become a FORCE in High school.

I believe a lot of people could be talking about Addison Archer as a top five center in the country that defends hard and scores with ease in the Class of 2023 really soon.


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