Basketball players and coaches should use social media to their advantage

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Social media can be a gift and a curse at times but the key thing is how you use it. The sport of basketball is rising in popularity everyday especially on social media. When you look at guys like Drew Hanlen and Chris Brickley, they’ve really grown their following by posting their workouts with top-notch NBA talent. Others have followed suit and we’ve seen workout videos become a hot commodity across social media. With that being said, this is a great time for students of the game all across the world.

Below is a video of Chris Brickley putting in work with the young upcoming star, Donovan Mitchell.

Players and coaches should not just be hitting the like button. They should be taking out a pen and a pad and jotting down notes. What’s going on in the basketball community is very beneficial to anyone who’s looking to learn and improve their game.

It’s rare to have an opportunity to get an inside look at how elite players work out. Years ago that never occurred but due to technology and social media, we now have that access. Meaning guys and girls should be taking full advantage to develop their skills.

As you’re watching these videos, write down the drills and moves that they’re practicing. Notate what exactly each drill is working on and emphasize it. Also, be sure to pay close attention to key points and techniques of the move/drill that will elevate your game to the next level.

Following this, players and coaches should be taking their notes to the gym and practicing them. Work on it and perfect it. All players and coaches look to perform at the highest level so why not learn from the best and practice like the best do?

All ball players out there at all levels are posting their workouts and training sessions.  This presents a great opportunity to learn and train like a professional. Guys and girls looking to improve their game should use this to their advantage. Don’t just hit the like button, take down notes and practice those moves that you believe can develop your game.


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