Basketball is more than personal training

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It seems that basketball training has become a hot commodity over the last couple of years. While it’s something that’s not new, sharing and displaying workouts via social media has been the new thing. We’ve seen trainers get very innovative making players perform new moves to try and expand their game. Some of it I question as to how does this really improve your game. Regardless, there’s a lot of cool things out there being done that’s driving players out there to get on the basketball court.

However, this can’t be the end all be all. If all you’re doing is personal training then you’re doing yourself and your game a disservice.

NBA star Jamal Crawford posted a great tweet about getting back to the basics.

If you’ve ever heard Crawford talk about his amazing ball-handling, he always stresses improving his handles just by playing. He didn’t dribble around cones or chairs but more rather went out on the court and played against real competition and perfected his craft.

This is another way of going about it. I’m not here to downplay basketball training because I think it’s great. But I am here to stress that players have to practice outside of that. Posting workouts has become a phenom to display all of the latest tricks and new things that are included in everyone’s workout. However, the focus must be keyed on player development and improving your game. It’s not just for show. The end goal is to get better everytime you step on the floor.

Often training is used to work on things you can’t do by yourself or to learn new moves or concepts that you weren’t good at before. Going out by yourself in the backyard or on the playground is where you take those things and continuously work on them to perfect them. That’s when the magic occurs and the stars are created. Then you can get a group of friends or go to the local park and play pick-up to try those new moves against real competition.

Repetition is the key to success and that’s proven. If you look at the NBA players in the league today, they’re playing non-stop basketball. Whether its practice, working out with a trainer, studying film, or just working on their game in the gym alone. The work never stops and to be great, you have to keep at it endlessly. The game is ever evolving and we’re constantly learning new things. Training is at an all-time high, developing players and working on all aspects of their game. But it’s imperative that kids understand the importance of taking those things home and continuously working on them to perfect it.


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