The Atlantic Files Ep.44: The Draft Approaches

Atlantic Files
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Hear ye, hear ye! Episode 44 is here, and I’m bringing some NBA Draft talk to your ears! This week, I run down the first round of the NBA Draft and give my thoughts on who the teams in the Atlantic Division should or will draft. Some might want to trade their pick, some might want to keep it, and some…well…don’t have a pick! If you want to see the mock draft that I was referencing in this episode, check it out here.

We got to see an epic Game 7 in the NBA Finals, so why not make the NBA Draft epic too? We can still see some big trades, and maybe some surprisingly bad draft picks. We get to laugh at some “experts” who compare every player to the likes of Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and the Monstars, so that should account for some kind of entertainment. Otherwise, we can probably just watch our Twitter feeds and see Woj tweet the pick before the pick even happens. It’s like he’s magic!

Anyway, enjoy the new episode!


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