The Atlantic Files Episode 88

The Atlantic Files
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On this week’s episode of The Atlantic Files, Brooklyn Nets correspondent Mike Bash joins the show again. Mike and Alex rehash their thoughts about the quick sweep in the NBA Finals, LeBron James’ potential landing spots, as well as starting the offseason discussion for the Sixers and the Nets.

Brooklyn has some moves they can finally make. They have pieces that they could potentially move for some first-round picks, and they have a couple free agents they could sign. Does Mike think going after Aaron Gordon is a good idea for the Nets? Also, who would he trade to move up in this year’s draft?

The Sixers have one of their most important offseasons coming up. After unloading Bryan Colangelo, they now have to move forward and get ready for the draft and free agency. Who does Alex like at the tenth pick for Philly? Also, who could they potentially get in the later stages of the draft that could help right away?

Listen to the full episode below!

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