The Atlantic Files Ep. 54

Atlantic Files

Since the last time we convened for an episode of The Atlantic Files, the Boston Celtics were still in the playoffs and fresh off of a beatdown in the first couple games of the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Now, they have been eliminated after winning just one game in the series. That game, however, included Isaiah Thomas sitting on the bench and Avery Bradley hitting a game-winning shot.

What does this say for Isaiah Thomas’ future with the Celtics? Will it make the Boston front office question his value, or will their performance without their star player not even phase them on their draft day decisions?

Aside from Boston, there’s a little more news coming out of New York and Philadelphia. Some ex-players are calling out Phil Jackson and taking Carmelo Anthony’s side now, which shouldn’t be too surprising. Then, Joel Embiid was making sure kids in Philly trusted the process, and the Milwaukee Bucks may hire one of the not-so-great GM’s of Sixers past.

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