The Atlantic Files ep147: 2-3 zones for dummies

The Atlantic Files
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One team that’s starting to get put into the hot seat is the Philadelphia 76ers. More specifically, Brett Brown. Alex discusses this and more hot topics going on in the Atlantic Division.

The Sixers look like a middle school team trying to break any type of full-court presses or 2-3 zones. Multiple teams have utilized the zone against them and they have been rendered helpless almost every time. Does this fall on Brett Brown or the players not knowing how to operate?

Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Kemba Walker are the new-age big three of the Boston Celtics. They’re tearing up the opponent on the offensive end and that has vaulted them into the top spot of the Atlantic. Can this continue when Gordon Hayward gets back and will Jaylen Brown continue to prove his worth?

Everyone is quite sure there’s nothing going on with the New York Knicks this season, right? So that means it’s time to look at some assets and see what could potentially bring back something good in the trade market. That brings Marcus Morris to the front of the congregation. The Knicks should strike while the iron is hot, and let Morris play for a real contender!

Finally, the Brooklyn Nets are doing more than just treading water while Kyrie Irving is out. Does anyone have faith they can flip a switch when he and Caris LeVert both get healthy?

topic rundown:

1:45 – Sixers, Ben Simmons, Brett Brown, and their zone troubles

11:30 – Celtics big three of Tatum, Brown, Walker

19:50 – Knicks need to look into trade market

27:30 – Nets need it to be next season so Kevin Durant can play

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