The Atlantic Files Ep125: Joel Embiid will never win a ring

The Atlantic Files
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Joel Embiid has been a huge part of the Philadelphia 76ers’ success over the past couple of seasons. Find out if Mike or Alex is the one that thinks he will never win a ring in his NBA career! Other than that, the guys go over the second round of the NBA Playoffs, D’Angelo Russell getting busted for weed, and whether or not coleslaw is actually good.

Sixers fans, if you’re reading this, you may or may not particularly enjoy what was said in this episode both about Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Twitter though! Oh, and of course Mike is back with his outrageous Brooklyn Nets and Denver Nuggets takes.

Topic Rundown:

1:00 – Boston Celtics vs Milwaukee Bucks series

6:30 – Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors

10:05 – Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trail Blazers

14:20 – Primanti Bros and the Coleslaw debate

16:15 – Nuggets Championship chances slipping

19:15 – D’Angelo Russell’s weed bust

21:50 – Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors

26:00 – Who will score the most throughout the playoffs?

29:15 – Joel Embiid will never win a ring?

31:00 – Sixers better with Ben Simmons off-ball

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