The Atlantic Files Ep109: Teams inquiring about Frank Ntilikina

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On this week’s episode of The Atlantic Files, Mike and Alex give their thoughts on the final verdict of what’s wrong with Markelle Fultz, the rumors of Frank Ntilikina on the trading block, whether Jaylen Brown is the odd man out, and more!

Fultz was finally officially diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome which gives a lot of people, especially Fultz himself, closure at last. The cause is now known, so the question is what happens next. Did Fultz actually suffer this injury from a motorcycle injury and will he continue to play for Philadelphia?

Rumors around the Twitter streets are that Frank Ntilikina is on the trade block. The New York Knicks are looking to move on from the experiment with Ntilikina apparently, but the teams who are supposedly interested don’t make too much sense.

Speaking of trades, is it time for the Boston Celtics to field some calls about Jaylen Brown? With Gordon Hayward slowly getting back to his ways, maybe it would help to not have so many players that need the ball. There is still time for Jaylen Brown and company to gel, but maybe there are even better options out there. Listen to the full episode above to hear Mike and Alex’s thoughts on these topics and more!


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