Anthony Edwards highlights versus Michigan State

Anthony Edwards
Photo Credit: Joshua L. Jones, AP

Anthony Edwards is universally known as one of the top prospects in the upcoming 2020 NBA Draft. Well, today he got a chance to show why.

Let’s get right into the recap of his game today as he scored a lotttt of buckets. The 1st half wasn’t anything special for Edwards as he only had 1 field goal and it was at the rim. The 2nd half was when he did his damage from deep.

A couple minutes into the second half, you could tell Anthony Edwards was starting to feel it.

The first three he hit was off a quick jab step. That’s all the room he really needs as he seems more than comfortable to take some off-balanced threes. He was showcasing the two dribble pull-up all game which is interesting obviously given that most players like just the one dribble and pull. So far, it seems like Ant prefers two dribbles.

Either way, he was getting a bucket.

I really wanted to show this next three point shot because there is a lot to digest:

Not only is it a step-back, but this was against Cassius Winston!! No freshman should be able to do that to arguably the best basketball player in the nation. He was putting that in-n-out dribble to work and was heating up super quickly.

The onslaught from deep didn’t stop there either. Now, keep in mind this is a very deep Michigan State team going up against a young Georgia team. Michigan State was heavily favored, but Anthony Edwards was just willing the team back into the game after each possession.

He was literally doing it all including hitting deep fade-aways with his back to the basket.

There were also two not shooting plays that he made that were absolutely spectacular that I want to highlight.

That first one is Edwards coming over to supply a great help side block and then getting his own rebound. There’s not much to question in his game, and his athleticism certainly isn’t as well.

The second clip is absolutely phenomenal. Often this year, I’ve seen Anthony Edwards make some fantastic passes that just weren’t turned into baskets. But, he still trusts his teammates enough to constantly feed them. And speaking of feeding them…HOW ABOUT THAT BOUNCE PASS SHEESH…

Now, Georgia wasn’t able to get a win today despite Anthony Edwards’s best efforts, but take a look at these last few vids showing some of the TOUGH threes he made down the stretch to try to propel his team to a W.

Anthony Edwards was the ultimate heat check, especially in the 2nd half of the game today. He finished with 37 points on 11/26 shooting from the field and 7/16 from deep.

If you haven’t gotten a chance to see Edwards yet, go see him, it’s a spectacle.


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