Andrew Wiggins believes the Timberwolves can make the playoffs

Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins

The Minnesota Timberwolves have been constantly making big additions to their team. Acquiring Karl-Anthony Towns in the draft, getting Andrew Wiggins from Cleveland, and having major pieces like Zach Lavine and newly drafted Kris Dunn on their roster has made this team something to watch out for. Even if you’re not a Minnesota fan, you have to be excited to see a young team on the rise like they are. They’re not quite NBA Finals ready but the playoffs, you better believe it. They have what it takes to make it into the playoffs next season and Andrew Wiggins believes that as well (via Sports Illustrated):

“I think we’re going to have a way better season than we had this year. We just had a lot going on. We’ve got some new pieces. I think last year we could’ve beat any team on any given day. This year we need to be more consistent with it. We can make the playoffs. Nothing is easy, we gotta work and our coach is going to make us work.”

With so much potential and so much talent, this Timberwolves team can make a lot happen. The Western Conference is tough but an eighth seed is not out of the picture.

Andrew Wiggins has to hone in on that takeover mentality that he’s been lacking since coming into the league and Towns has to add on to what was a great rookie of the year season. If these two play to their full potential and everyone else plays their role, there’s no question on the playoffs being in their future. There’s been some time since we’ve seen a dynamic 1-2 punch in a guard and a big man. Wiggins and Towns has the capability to bring that back, along with a playoff run in Minnesota.


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