FEATURE: Aidan Igiehon, The Louisville Bound Big Man Who Stays Hungry For More


The University of Lousiville bound Aidan Igiehon has truly earned the name the “Irish Hulk”. He is a man amongst boys when he plays. Since our first encounter with him at the Empire Invitational in January 2018, Igiehon picked up offers from Oregon, Louisville, Florida, and many other top colleges in the country as a top 50 recruit. His name is one of the most talked about when it comes to high school basketball on the East coast.

Aidan Igiehon with the Irish Flag (Photo via Tim Lang / Basketball Society)

During his senior campaign, he played like a monster. His 6’10 frame enabled him to dominate other New York high school teams. His superior bounce and hard work ethic led him to average eighteen rebounds per game. His twenty-three points per game were earned not only on his inside game but his outside range. He led his team in three-point field goals and had a high shooting percentage. However, it doesn’t just stop on the offensive end, Igiehon averaged 3 blocks per game and was a defensive freak.

Igiehon’s story is unique compared to others. He is originally from a small town in Ireland called Clondalkin. Up until his high school days, he was born and raised over 3,100 miles away from America. Despite starting to play basketball later than most other kids, as a thirteen-year-old he had high dreams. As a 6′4, power forward/ center weighing in at 160 pounds, not many high school coaches believed in him. He found that Lawrence Woodmere Academy was the best fit.

Fast forward four years and Igiehon’s game speaks for itself. Over 2,000 points, having his jersey retired this week, and gaining seventy-five pounds of pure muscle later, Aidan’s high school legacy will last forever.

Aidan Igiehon lacing up his Louisville kicks (Photo via Tim Lang / Basketball Society)

However, Igiehon is nowhere close to where he wants to be. As one of the hungriest players out there, he wants more. Tiring days of hard work with his older brother Cody and long commutes to school every morning is all part of the process for him.

In our exclusive feature interview with Aidan, he talks about what he’s learned about being dominant, who he watches the most film on, the willingness to accept criticism why society and Ireland need basketball, and more.

Check out the interview with Aidan below via Basketball Society’s Instagram TV channel.


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