A Look Into The Offseason: The Utah Jazz


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The Utah Jazz are stacked with young talent. Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Trey Burke, Alec Burks, Rudy Gobert, Rodney Hood, and Australian phenomenon Dante Exum are the only players under contract next season. Gordon Hayward is 25 and he is currently the oldest player on next years roster. Perfectionist Quin Snyder is perfect for this young team.

In a stacked Western Conference, the Utah Jazz ended the season only giving up 94.9 points per game which was the best in the NBA. On the flip side, the Jazz scored only 95.1 points per game which was 26th best in the NBA.

There is a glaring hole on offense for the Jazz. Alec Burks will return next season after a season ending shoulder injury. The Jazz will be looking to add a shooting big man, second rebounder, and bench shooter. Lets see who will be in Utah next season.

Free Agency

PF Thaddeus Young, Brooklyn Nets

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Brooklyn Nets

Thaddeus Young plays his best when he is a rotational big man. The Jazz already have Derrick Favors who is going to be the starter. Thad Young will be an instant factor because he is big and can shoot the three. Neither Rudy Gobert nor Derrick Favors can shoot. That is a nice three man rotation if you ask me. He needs to improve his toughness because of how the Jazz play defense. Utah would be his third team in one year.

SG Jamal Crawford, Los Angeles Clippers


Jamal Crawford is instant offense off the bench. He has scored double digits in points fourteen NBA seasons in a row. He plays his best when he comes off the bench. His career three point shooting percentage is 35%. He has never won a championship but has more playoff experience then every other player on the Jazz. His production has been so consistent every NBA team knows what they would be getting out of the signing. His experience will impact every young player.

Lou Williams 

Lou Williams, Gerald Green

Lou Williams was the recipient of the 2015 NBA 6th Man Award. Williams averaged 15.5 points per game and helped the Raptors to the fourth best scoring offense in the NBA and the best in the Eastern Conference. He is going to be the most interesting name on the market because every team would love a boost off the bench. The Jazz need to spend the money on Williams. The West is so good, the Jazz won’t make the playoffs unless they get a star bench. He is only 28 so he still works with the youth movement.


C Frank Kaminski, Wisconsin


Frank Kaminski won the 2015 NBAA AP player of the year. In the National Championship, Kaminski dropped 21 points and 12 rebounds on Jahlil Okafor who is a projected top two pick in this upcoming draft. Defensively, he held Okafor to ten points and three rebounds.

Kaminski fits Utah as either a backup center or power forward which they have neither of. He can also shoot the ball and they are in need of a three point shooting big. Kaminski has improved his numbers every season and his work ethic will make him a decent pro.

SF Sam Dekker, Wisconsin

Nebraska v Wisconsin

Sam Dekker was a star for Wisconsin this season. He is aggressive and attacks the net on the break and grabs second chance points. Dekker plays his best as a spot up shooter and can spread the floor. He adds shooting depth because the only depth scorer on the Jazz is Rodney Hood. One thing Qiun Snyder is looking for is unselfishness. Dekker was one of the most unselfish players on the most unselfish basketball team in the NCAA. The Jazz should have Dekker high on their draft board.

SF Kelly Oubre, Kansas


Kelly Oubre is a one-and-done freshmen who started the season in Bill Self’d dog house. Throughout the season, Oubre got tougher. When he was finally ready, he burst into the NCAA scene. Eight of the final fourteen games he scored 10+ points.

Oubre is a project that needs excellent coaching at the next level. Bill Self found his motor and coached him until he finally figured it out. Quin Snyder is a perfectionist so he would be perfect coach to teach him the NBA. Exum-Oubre-Hood is a nice bench.

The Utah Jazz have a boat load of potential. The seven young players on next seasons roster are a nice core to work with. Now that their defense is so good they can gamble to acquire some offense. Since they are so young, they can only get better. Rudy Gobert has already proved he is one of the best rim protectors in the NBA. The Jazz will soon be a contender in a loaded Western Conference.


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