A Look Into The Offseason: The Miami Heat


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This season was much different then past seasons for the Miami Heat. The Heat went from Eastern Conference Champions to not even making the playoffs this season for the first time in seven years. Once LeBron James went home to Cleveland, the Heat just never let it go. Chris Bosh is the clear leader, but his season ended early with a scary blood clot. Also, Dwayne Wade was always in and out of the lineup. With the addition of Goran Dragic and the emergence of Hassan Whiteside, the Heat have a nice starting five when healthy. The bench needs some help. To be contenders next season, they need to do all they can do to keep this starting five and add some nice rotational players in case of an injury. Lets look at who could be on the Miami Heat next season.

Free Agency

Goran Dragic:


Goran Dragic was traded to the Miami Heat from the Phoenix Suns for two first-round picks and others just before the trade deadline. Pat Riley wouldn’t gamble two first found picks if he didn’t ensure Dragic will be on the Miami Heat for years to come. Goran Dragic is the best free agent point guard on the market and there are plenty of big money teams that are interested. The Miami Heat are the only team that can sign him to a five year deal. Dragic to Miami looks to be a lock.

Brandon Bass: 

NBA: Boston Celtics at Milwaukee Bucks

The Miami Heat are desperate for a rotational big man. Bass can play both power forward and center has has starting experience this season on a surprisingly well Boston Celtics team. He is a fantastic defender with a smooth 16 foot jump shot. Over the last five seasons Bass has averaged 10.8 points and 5.5 rebounds per game. That consistency off the bench would be a huge boost for the Miami Heat.

Lou Williams

Lou Williams

Lou Williams just won the 2015 6th man of the year award. He was instant offense off of the bench scoring 15.5 points per game. If the Heat are looking to boost their bench, there is no one better then the NBA off of the bench right now then Lou Williams. He has starter talent so he can take some minutes so Dwayne Wade can rest his old legs. The Heat need a better backup shooter then Tyler Johnson and James Ennis.


Kelly Oubre


Kelly Oubre is a high risk high reward draft pick. He has enormous potential. His potential is why he is moving up draft boards. He is a freak athlete. Offensively, he plays well on the fast break and has a decent shot which needs improvement. His defense is decent. The concern with Oubre is he is very small and one of the youngest players in this draft. If he doesn’t add size he will get thrown around by all other NBA small forwards. He needs good coaching at the next level.

Sam Dekker

Sam Dekker, Deonte Burton, Jamil Wilson

Sam Dekker to me is an advanced Mike Miller with starter potential in a few seasons. Dekker can shoot and is always there in the clutch. He can cover multiple positions standing 6’9″ which is great for making rotations. He proved to the world on Wisconsin that he is willing to sacrifice for his teammates and plays unselfishly. He hates losing and so does Pat Riley. Dekker has improved every season in college and hopefully that can transition in the pros.

Myles Turner


Myles Turner is a rim protector who can shoot. Turner averaged 2.6 blocks per game which was the best in the Big 12. His free throw percentage was close to 84% which is incredible for a big man. His only problem was his consistency. He plays like Chris Bosh but isn’t nearly as smooth. Chris Bosh’s blood clot is never a good sign. If he goes down again, the Heat will need to think of the future past Bosh. The best people to learn from are your own teammates.

The fact that I have the Heat possibly drafting three different positions means they can go anywhere come draft day. They need better rotations because their bench was horrible last season. Dwayne Wade is getting up there in age and may not be with the team for much longer. After trading two future first round picks, the Heat can’t screw up this draft. If the injury bug crawls away next season, I see the Heat back in the playoffs.


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