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2019 Game Elite
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The 2019 Game Elite AAU team has been identified as a “Dream Team” on the AAU level no matter the age group. The 16U team this Summer even played up on the 17U circuit and dominated. With all the attention and being labeled the number one AAU team no matter the circuit, we were able to catch up with 2019 Game Elite Head Coach CB Williams.

2019 Game Elite 2
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Any reason for playing on the Adidas Circuit?

Coach Williams: Well things just didn’t work out for us under the GA Stars, so we felt this was the best situation for us as players and parents. That’s what is most important to me, is making sure my players and parents are all happy.

What was the toughest tournament your team played in this Summer?

Coach Williams: I would say either Spartanburg or Vegas. One because Josh Nickelberry broke his finger in Milwaukee in-between the two events so we didn’t have him for Vegas. Second because we had a huge target on our back coming into Spartanburg with being number one in our division on the Gold Circuit. Also after playing a few stops under the Adidas Circuit, everyone in the country knew who we were and wanted to beat us. Due to the attention we got all summer, we got everyone’s best every time we played.

What was the most intriguing one-on-one matchup you witnessed this Summer with one of your players?

Coach Williams: Ashton Hagans versus Immanuel Quickley easily, it was crazy. Game was super packed and hyped. Ashton played his tail off. It would be either that, or the three of them (Josh Nickelberry, Christian Brown, and Ashton Hagans) versus Zion Williamson in Spartanburg.

Who are the main players we should know about?

Ashton Hagans    PG 6’4″ 185lbs Ranked #9 by 247Sports for 2019

Christian Brown  SF 6’7″ 200lbs Ranked #16 by 247Sports for 2019

Josh Nickelberry SG 6’5″ 180lbs Ranked #38 by 247Sports for 2019

Jaylin Williams   PF 6’7″ 205lbs Ranked #160 by 247Sports for 2019

What sets your team apart from other 2019 AAU teams?

Coach Williams: We were the only full 2019 team in the country to play up on any circuit. Although we are a team, what made us successful and what made the transition smooth is that we are a family in the end.

What kind of culture are you trying to create with this 2019 team?

Coach Williams: Our moto is “Against the Grain” meaning you don’t have to stick to the traditional norms to be successful.

Do you see this success sustaining next Summer?

Coach Williams: Well we have everyone returning and the fellas are looking forward to next summer with maybe one or two additions. I don’t see us skipping a beat, especially with us having a year of experience under our belt already playing U17.

What are your goals for next Summer?

Coach Williams: Continue to help my guys get better and develop more skills while having fun. All in to not lose a game and gain more exposure while taking home hardware from Spartanburg and Vegas.

What do you think has made this group this successful already?

Coach Williams: The close knit team and atmosphere we have. We don’t play for ourselves, but for the next guy. We play for one another.

With all of the talent you have, who gets the last shot to win the game?

Coach Williams: Thats a tough one. If it’s a jump shot Josh Nickelberry or Quinn Richey. For a free throw to win it would be Quinn Richey. If I need someone to get the basket to win a game it would Ashton Hagans.



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