Bryan Colangelo

Process Disciples Roundtable: What do we make of Bryan Colangelo’s Twitter Scandal?

Well, this has been interesting, to say the least. A story that was released by The Ringer disclosed information that links current 76ers president of basketball operations to an investigation that found him using five different Twitter ‘burner’ accounts to criticize current Sixers players, release sensitive insider information and team management strategy.  The 76ers released

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The Atlantic Files

The Atlantic Files Episode 86

Before you listen to the latest episode of the Atlantic Files, make sure your burner accounts are in order! Send us all of your hottest takes only from your burner accounts, but you also have to live tweet something personal in the meantime. Just kidding. Don’t actually do that. Anyway, Bryan Colangelo has been called

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Markelle Fultz

The Process Disciples: Processing Markelle Fultz

As we all know by now, the Philadelphia 76ers traded their way up to the number one pick to go get their guy in Markelle Fultz. The talk around town is that Fultz is the one to finally complete “The Process.” Philadelphia, as a whole, was overjoyed at the sight of getting another number one prospect,

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Fisch’s Friday Rant: DeMarcus Cousins and Deadline Trades

The trade deadline came, and the trade deadline went. Surely, it was not that exciting of a deadline day, but at least we all got to see a crazy trade go down earlier on in the week. Of course, the crazy one was concerned with DeMarcus Cousins finally getting a change of scenery, but there

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Are the Sixers Tanking? Bryan Colangelo says, “Not a Chance”

The Sixers have been the bottom feeder of the NBA for the past three seasons and counting. Fans have endured names coming on and off the roster for stints at a time, knowing that the team was just not good enough to win most of the games they would be playing in. Most people will say

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Atlantic Files

PODCAST – The Atlantic Files Ep.41: RIP Process

By now, I’m sure you all heard that Sam Hinkie, GM of the Philadelphia 76ers, stepped down yesterday. He wrote a 13-page resignation letter, packed his things, and left behind the seeds to a beautiful tree that is the Sixers future. On top of that, there are reports that the Sixers will be hiring Bryan

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