Fisch’s Friday Rant: DeMarcus Cousins and Deadline Trades


The trade deadline came, and the trade deadline went. Surely, it was not that exciting of a deadline day, but at least we all got to see a crazy trade go down earlier on in the week. Of course, the crazy one was concerned with DeMarcus Cousins finally getting a change of scenery, but there were some mid-level deals peppered in as well.

Obviously, the first topic, which is also still a hot topic, had to be the Kings and Pelicans trading DeMarcus Cousins for Buddy Hield. That wasn’t everything included in the trade, but those were the essential players. New Orleans got away with highway robbery, while the Kings are now left to pickup all the pieces and try to assemble a halfway decent squad. Boogie still gets to wear a little bit of purple with the Pelicans’ alternates, but it’s going to take some getting used to.

Then, the other two deals that made a little bit of noise involved the Philadelphia 76ers sending Nerlens Noel to Dallas, and the Chicago Bulls sending Taj Gibson and Doug McDermott to the Oklahoma City Thunder. One General Manager is getting roasted by his fanbase, while some others are being praised. Go ahead and just look at Sixers Twitter right now. Yeah, it’s bad. However, Mavericks and Thunder Twitter are vibrant and lively after the deals were official.

Every year, the trade deadline always claims a victim fanbase, and this one was no different. I’m just here to give my two cents on the victims and the bread winners.


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