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Lakers’ Luke Walton Out? Jason Kidd in? LeBron James & Kidd “would be great” says NBA league source

The Los Angeles Lakers aren’t starting out too hot and Los Angeles Lakers head coach, Luke Walton is on the hot seat.

Who would replace him?

Don’t count out NBA Hall of Famer, Jason Kidd!

Kidd replacing Walton would be a good fit. It “would be great,” a league source told me by text message this evening.

The source points out that LeBron James and Jason Kidd have a great relationship. “LeBron James always wanted to play with J-Kidd,” I’m told.

“This would probably be the next best thing to that.”

Jason Kidd had a 139–152 record in his 291 games coached in Milwaukee before he was fired last season. Before Milwaukee, Kidd led the Brooklyn Nets to a 44-38 record and a second round appearance in the NBA Playoffs.

Mark Jackson is also a person of interest, should Luke Walton not remain in Lakerland, according to Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard.

Jackson comprised a 121-109 record as head coach of the Golden State Warriors, before he was fired in 2014.



  1. Reply Post By Steve . fischer

    Jason Kidd is a great coach and motivator. He turned both the Knicks and Bucks around. Bucks had won only . 16 games the year before he took over.. Last year was lackluster at the start but he did as welll with the Bucks without having Jabari as his successor did with him and a more mature team.

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