What will we see from Derrick Rose next season?

Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose was once considered as a top three point guard in the league. His athleticism and explosiveness separated him from the rest and introduced fans to a type of point guard that was never seen before.

Three years into his career, Rose won MVP and led the Chicago Bulls to one of its best seasons since the Michael Jordan era. It was no question what he was doing was remarkable, and often you’d find yourself asking your friends the next morning, “Did you see what D.Rose did last night?”

Rose couldn’t be contained. His lightning speed accelerated him to the paint and the springs that are his legs allowed him to finish up and over any defender that confronted him. Fans experienced a young point guard that season which had them excited about what was to come in the future.

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However, things didn’t go as planned. Derrick Rose suffered a devastating ACL tear that following season during the first round of the playoffs. He was sidelined the entire 2012-2013 season but as the next year came around, the NBA was quenching for a Rose return. He played 10 games until facing another setback as doctors discovered he had a torn meniscus. Concern and questions began to murmur around the league as many wondered if Rose would ever return to the court again, and if he did, would he still be able to play with that aggression that we were all accustomed to.

Chicago Bulls v Atlanta Hawks
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Despite all the unfortunate events in his career, Derrick Rose managed to make a comeback last season in which he played 51 games. He helped the Chicago Bulls reach the Eastern Conference Semifinals, and overall, had a solid season. Even though he was held back most of the season with minute restrictions, we still saw glimpses of that explosive D.Rose that attracted fans early in his career. After seeing what he was able to accomplish during the year and in the playoffs, it made me wonder what we will see from Derrick Rose next season.

Derrick Rose's stats via ESPN.com Highlight row = MVP season
Derrick Rose’s stats via ESPN.com
Highlighted row = MVP season

Last year Rose averaged 17.7 points a game, combined with 4.9 assists during an average of 30 minutes a game — a very decent season if you ask me, especially considering everything that he endured. But it makes me believe that this upcoming season we will see a standout performance, similar to what we saw back in 2011. After seeing comments from Russell Westbrook and trainer Rob McClanaghanthat only gives me more confidence in my belief. Plus, this is coming from a guy in Westbrook whose game is also built on athleticism:

Rose has always been a humble guy, but I believe his previous setbacks will have him seeking blood, looking to breakout amongst his peers. However, this upcoming season brings some baggage that could really affect his season. With the acquisition of head coach, Fred Hoiberg, the Chicago Bulls will be under a new system that differs from what they’ve been doing recently. Hoiberg is making his debut in the league, so what he’s capable of at this level is still unseen. Rose and other Bulls’ teammates were big advocates for former coach Tom Thibodeau, so it will be interesting to see how the player/coach dynamic will impact this upcoming season.  The Bulls also have a star emerging in Jimmy Butler. There were rumors that tension arose during the season between the two players, but Butler denied those rumors as he signed an extension with the team. Things can sometimes get difficult when it comes to two big stars on one team. Even though Butler is not the star that Rose is yet, his fame is quickly rising, and with stardom comes ego. Combine that with a rookie coach and you could easily have mayhem on your hands.

Chicago has a solid team but for them to be successful they need everyone to be their best, including Derrick Rose.  A full season with no minute restrictions will mean a lot to Rose and the Bulls. However, a big IF remains in regards to his health, but if he can stay healthy this season, I’m expecting big things from Derrick Rose next season.


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