Wesley Matthews’ summer Pilates routine, a major key to hot start with Dallas Mavericks


Dallas Mavericks guard, Wesley Matthews has come out swinging in the NBA regular season.

Through five games, Mathews is averaging 19.6 points and is averaging 33 minutes per game.

If you’re tardy to the party, pilates are core workouts that are used to strengthen your arms and legs. After a season ending stress fracture in a game vs. the Memphis Grizzlies last season,  Matthews worked with core expert, Jessica Schatz, this summer to strengthen the right fibula that he injured.

The pilates approach seems to be working.“I love it.” Wesley Matthews told NBA writer, Landon Buford.

“Injuries typically happen when there are small weakness in the muscles and parts of the body that you would not train.”

While the Mavs do have a lineup that also includes Harrison Barnes, DeAndre Jordan alongside rookie, Luka Doncic and second year stud, Dennis Smith Jr.,  Matthews’ summer routine is paying off early in the season. success this season apparently has been the implementation of pilates to his workout routine.

Matthews put up a solid 20 points against the Chicago Bulls on Monday.  “It is easy to train the big muscles,” Matthews told Buford.

“If you can find balance, strength, flexibility and core stability, it gives you a shot to minimize the risk of injury.”







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