VIDEO: Stephen Curry puts Chris Paul on his butt with wicked crossover


635574881410374356-2015-01-21-Stephen-CurryChef Curry had the pot boiling hot on Tuesday night.

Whenever the Warriors and Clippers meet up, you can expect fireworks. Bad blood has been brewing between this two teams for quite a while, and it’s manufactured one of the better rivalries in recent NBA history.

Tuesday’s night contest between the two ball clubs yielded another memorable moment in the inner-state rivalry, as Stephen Curry sent Chris Paul to the floor with a wicked behind-the-back crossover in the second quarter.

Very rarely do you see a player of Paul’s stature get embarrassed like that, but when going against a guy with possibly the craftiest handles in the league, your susceptible to an ankle-busting at one point or another.

Reaction from fellow NBA players was plentiful, as several fellow hoopers took to Twitter to gush over Curry’s beautiful maneuver.

As with any relatively spectacular moment in the sporting world, Curry’s crossover spawned several memes in its following minutes, and some were so great that I couldn’t refrain from putting them in this post.





I wonder if plays like that will make Anthony Davis reconsider his MVP pick


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