VIDEO: Stephen Curry breaks single game three-point record


We all knew this day would come but the question was when. After going 0-10 from behind the arc and ending his streak of 157 consecutive games with a three pointer, Curry bounced back with a record breaking night. He made 13 three-pointers breaking Donyell Marshall and Kobe Bryant’s record for the most threes made in a game. Stephen Curry ended the night with 46 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists as the Golden State Warriors defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 116-106.

It was a great bounce back night for Curry and the Warriors after taking a tough loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night. The struggles were apparent in their last game and the former MVP came out, looking to make a statement early on. Curry didn’t do anything out of the ordinary to prepare for this night but after his previous struggles, his shooting rhythm was the center of his attention (via ESPN).

“I was hard on myself in practice the last two days. I had pretty good shooting sessions,” he said. “I don’t overreact to games like that whether I go 0 for 10 or 2 for 12 or whatever it is. My process is the same, but I had another level of focus the last two days trying to get my rhythm back and see the ball go in.”

Stephen Curry also got help from his comrades who all had productive nights to help the Warriors get a win. Kevin Durant finished the night with 22 points while Klay Thompson had 24 of his own. Anthony Davis had 33 points and 13 rebounds for the New Orleans Pelicans but it wasn’t enough to overcome Curry’s hot night as the Pelicans now sit at 0-7 for the season.


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