VIDEO: LaVar Ball Makes Hilarious Appearance on WWE Raw


Just when you thought you would get a break from LaVar Ball until the Summer League, he decided to take his talents to the WWE Ring. On WWE’s Monday Raw, LaVar joined up with son’s Lonzo and LaMelo as they hopped into the WWE ring to talk it out with Intercontinental Champion, The Miz.

As usual, it was mostly the LaVar Ball show more than the Lonzo or LaMelo show, but LaVar was able to show his true genuine funny side while entertaining the fans. Ball even got into a little shouting match with The Miz and eventually proceeded to take his shirt off with The Miz.

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose eventually came out to express his respect for the Ball family and the Big Baller Brand. This was great exposure for not only the Ball family but for the NBA in general. Cross-branding sports and entertainment like the WWE is a great way to expand the NBA fanbase. The NBA has a potential star on their hands with Lonzo Ball going No. 2 overall to the Lakers. What better way to promote one of their newest young potential stars than the young millennial consumed WWE.

It will be interesting to see how much LaVar is outspoken during this upcoming NBA season. Will he stay in the limelight like he has over the past few months? Or will it die down due to the son’s play on the court? It most likely will be a mixture of both where if he ends up starting to become a distraction the Lakers organization will tell him to take a step back. Let’s remember this is the NBA, and not college anymore.

In the meantime, we are not giving LaVar enough credit.

Dude is in pretty good shape for his age. Maybe he can give Michael Jordan a run for his money in 1v1. Or not.


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