VIDEO: Chris Paul challenges Michael Jordan not to miss 3 shots


Chris Paul must’ve not payed attention to the history books or any of the stories that were told about the god, Michael Jordan. One thing we all know is that you don’t poke the sleeping bear, whether that’s talking trash or telling him he can’t do something. I mean this is the same guy that told you how he was going to score before he scored on you. MJ has always been a ‘I’m going to prove you wrong‘ type of guy and even out of retirement, that hasn’t changed one bit.

During the Jordan Flight Camp, Chris Paul challenged Jordan to play around the world, but the catch was he couldn’t miss 3 shots or else every kid in the camp received free shoes. As a camper, I’d be stoked because one, Jordan hasn’t played in a while so there may be some rust there. Two, there’s so much pressure being added on from rest of the campers because everybody likes free stuff. And last but not least three, JORDANS AIN’T CHEAP!

However, those kids dreams were crushed because Michael Jordan is still the GOAT that he’s always been and he didn’t miss one shot. Like he’s done his whole career, he’s shut people up and that day was no different. No shoes for you, no shoes for you, and no shoes for you. Those young campers probably didn’t know the history of Jordan but if they did, the should’ve known that they weren’t getting a new pair of shoes after that challenge.


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