Transformation Tuesday: White Chocolate


Behind-the-back, off-the-elbow pass? Uh…what?

This is not a move off of NBA Street, but rather one of Jason Williams’ signature dishes, a player who truly appeared to be controlled by joysticks. Peep the technique:

Williams struggled with turnovers and shot selection for most of his career, but he single-handedly brought showtime to Sac Town with plays like this. In terms of handles and style, he was Pete Maravich incarnate, chopped and screwed and soaked in And-1 mixtape marinade.

J-will eventually simmered down and became less erratic offensively. He also was a key part of the 2006 Miami Heat championship squad. These days you can find him balling in exhibition games – and at 38 years-old, the man can still drop dimes like he’s making a collect call.

What’s your favorite White Chocolate play? Let me know @MarkAGavigan.


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