The Relationship Between DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl Will Grow With Time

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The relationship between the Kings’ best player, DeMarcus Cousins, and their head coach, George Karl, has hit many bumps in the road, but now it seems to continue to get better day by day.

A little over a month ago, George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins took a photo together to try to show that their relationship was improving and that there was nothing to worry about:

Kings fans knew that it was nothing to get completely excited about, but it was a start to see them all together.

So, why am I bringing up news that was from over a month ago?

Just the other day, I was watching the 2001 76ers play against the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Allen Iverson and crew would of course go on to win that game to clash with the Lakers in the Finals, but what really resonated with me was the relationship between Larry Brown and Allen Iverson.

Through the late 90’s and the year 2000, the 76ers continued to debate whether or not they should let go of or trade their best player because of his off the field problems and because of his poor relationship with their head coach. But, the 76ers kept Allen Iverson around and, wow, was it worth it.

The team found that when they were successful everyone was happy. Sure, that’s an obvious fact, but what we must realize is that this Cousins and Karl relationship is not broken. No coach-player relationship is ever broken.

As soon as the Kings start winning, the two will grow mutual respect for each other and that ‘hatred’ or whatever you call their back-and-forth argument during the off-season will turn into admiration for one another if the wins start to come.

We don’t know yet if too many wins will come this season, but at the very least, the Kings should not be a team to be reckoned with.


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