The praises keep pouring in for Stephen Curry


obama curry

What else can you say about this guy that has not already been said? He has quickly became one of the biggest players on the earth, a twitter/vine sensation night in and night out, and definitely the best player in the world as we speak. Steph Curry is having another dominate year and hasn’t missed a beat after winning it all last season.  Over the last couple days, he has received some high praises from some very important people.

One was from the President of the United States himself, Barack Obama. He sat down with the Time and Misty Copeland, who’s a Warriors fan herself and discussed how great Curry has been playing.

“Steph Curry is the greatest shooter that I’ve ever seen,” President Obama said, recalling a late February game during which Curry scored 46 points, tied an NBA record of hitting 12 three-pointers in a single game and helped his team win a playoff spot six-weeks ahead the cutoff. “I am having more fun watching him than anybody since Michael Jordan.”

President Obama has appreciated what Steph has done but even the Chicago native couldn’t put Curry atop Michael Jordan just quite yet.

“Even Steph wouldn’t necessarily say he’s better than Jordan,” Obama said. “It’s rare where you get somebody who’s already at the pinnacle and then they take it a notch higher.”


Another guy, who similar to Curry was the most dominant and explosive offensive player the world has ever seen, had some great things to say; that guy being Allen Iverson.  During a Sixers Youth Foundation event, he spoke with Brian Seltzer of

Those are two very high praises from guys who know a lot about the game of basketball. Steph Curry hasn’t been getting all the compliments especially from some of the NBA alumni, who have given him flack simply because they’re stuck in their old ways. But hearing those things come from the President and Allen Iverson himself, I’m sure means a lot to Curry and motivates him to work even harder.


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