The Passing Game, Vol. 14: Spurs behind-the-back savvy


Welcome to The Passing Game, where we simply take the time to glorify the dimes being thrown all around us.

This edition features two plays from the Spurs last night.

First, it was Boris Diaw…

Diaw made one of his deceptive first-step drives on C.J. Miles from the top. His action drew a second defender, Jordan Hill, who wanted to challenge a potential shot by Diaw. With his incredible recognition, Diaw knew Hill was committing, so he got the ball to a soon-to-be open LaMarcus Aldridge the best way he could, with a behind-the-back pass.

Later in the game, Kawhi Leonard would follow suit.

It wasn’t necessarily as pretty, but Kawhi showed crazy savvy on this play. He nearly lost the ball after trying to split George Hill and Paul George on the drive. Hill’s ball side help left Tony Parker wide open, and Kawhi knew he had him the whole time. He used the behind-the-back pass to hit Parker in the corner while saving the ball from going out of bounds.


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