VIDEO: Taking a look at the new NBA 2K Trailer


The NBA 2K franchise has been one of the best video game franchises since the series began in 1999. On Monday, 2K sports released a brand new trailer titled #FRICTION for the upcoming NBA 2K17 game.

Throughout the video you see a few nice improvements. The player collisions have improved making it look more realistic and you see more reactions from players when it happens. You even hear a couple of thuds when two people collide in the post.

Another improvement I saw was signature celebrations. Last year we saw Stephen Curry chewing on his mouthpiece and this year it looks like they added more to make each player different from the next. Draymond Green’s aggressive clapping, Damian Lillard’s wrist pointing and D’Angelo Russell’s “Ice in My Veins” are one of the few unique celebrations and rituals the developers have added.

In the video you also see the improvements in presentation outside of the actual gameplay like 3D arena intros, players warming up, mascots and cheerleaders interacting with the crowd. If you pause the video at one point you see a dunk team performing during timeouts.

There is also multiple clips of players in their uniforms like Pau Gasol (Spurs), Al Horford (Celtics) and Derrick Rose (Knicks) to name a few. There is even a moment when you see Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook fighting over a loose ball.

NBA 2K17 is set to be released September 20th (September 16th for those who pre-order the game). While the game is less than a month away from release there really has not been a lot of content about the game so far. This trailer should be the start of whats new in store for the 2K franchise.

With new player reactions for key moments in games, more off-the-court antics and improved physical collisions, this year’s game looks to be another upgrade in the virtual hardwood.


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