The Atlantic Files Ep49: The Process is Forever

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Yes, The Process is forever. Joel Embiid is forever. The Atlantic Files is forever. This week we talk about it all, and that does include some other teams in the Atlantic Division. Not everything is about Sam Hinkie this week, but new Hinkie things came out and it is time to talk about it.

Chris Ballard, of Sports Illustrated, wrote an article on Sam Hinkie and his life after The Process. There were peaks, there were valleys (specifically Silicon), and we were able to take a peek into Hinkie’s past and current life. The piece was beautifully written, and I wanted to just give my thoughts on the new life Hinkie leads, and The Process that he leaves behind.

In other Atlantic news, the two leading teams have their own major holes that they have to worry about. The Toronto Raptors have a defensive issue, and it can be boiled down to an interior defensive issue. The Boston Celtics, meanwhile, have a rebounding issue that also stems from the front court. One thing both teams have in common — they are linked to some sort of trade to bring in Nerlens Noel, and it’s no secret why that would be the case.

Fantasy Atlantic Division

The new segment this season is taking place in the video game world. The fantasy Atlantic Division moves on in the world of NBA 2k. You can find the highlights from Ron Harper of the Toronto Raptors against the Memphis Grizzlies below. Also, the screenshots of standings and stats are below.

Fantasy Atlantic Standings


Player stats for each team

15194502_10155500246349097_270878433478807023_o 15196098_10155500246334097_6490414668577294929_o 15259188_10155500246344097_2173787593461092158_o 15259463_10155500246339097_2036026495854670473_o 15259576_10155500224074097_147837608699972030_o


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