The Atlantic Files Ep.46: Jerami Grant, Avery Bradley, and DeMar DeRozan

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The season is still young, and there are plenty of takes that Twitter has already fired from the hot take cannon. We’re not exactly here for that this week, because we don’t fire off hot takes for just the sake of firing them off. There already is a trade to talk about though!

Of course, the leading topic is the WojBomb that was dropped just a little earlier today.

The first player to go from the logjam of fours and fives on the Sixers is none other than Jerami Grant! Oh, you mean, you didn’t guess he’d be the first to go either? Neither did anyone else who follows the NBA. Also, the logjam isn’t even cleared up at all after this trade. Makes so much sense after what Bryan Colangelo said, right?

Up in Bean Town, there are two players that are making a bigger impact than most think. Al Horford and Avery Bradley have been two big cogs to the Celtics machine that is looking to take the Atlantic Division throne from the Raptors.

DeMar DeRozan has started on an absolute tear this season. Kyle Lowry, on the other hand, hasn’t had the start that he probably wanted. Also, who needs to step it up in Toronto if they want to get back to the Eastern Conference Finals and maybe even the Finals?

Finally, the two teams in New York are struggling. Everyone expected that from Brooklyn, but what is going on with the Knicks? It’s still early on in the season, so that means there’s still plenty of time to figure things out.

Listen to the full episode, and the rest of my thoughts on all of these topics below!


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