Stephen Curry suffers his biggest loss in the past year with Panthers upset in Superbowl

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is an avid Carolina Panthers fan and has not been shy about showing it. He’s been supportive of them all season and like many of us, he predicted them to win the Superbowl. They consider him part of the team, so much that he even got his own locker in the Panthers’ locker room.

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But it wasn’t a great day for the North Carolina native. He faced the biggest loss that he’s had to suffer in the past year with his Carolina Panthers taking a devastating loss to the Denver Broncos, 24-10. Just like in the game of basketball, defense wins games and that’s what occurred last night. The number one defense dominated against the number one offense and Cam Newton and company were taken out of their game. Curry was just as devastated as any other Panther fan and he took to Instagram to share his pain, as well as congratulate his team on a great, well fought season.

via @stephencurry30

The “Michael Jordan crying face” meme will forever be undefeated!



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