Slamma Jamma Sunday: Shaq destroys Chris Dudley


It’s always tragic when the awkward, lanky white guy gets dunked on, especially when Shaquille O’Neal is the one delivering the blow.

In this doozy of a dunk from the 1998-1999 season, Shaq drains every last ounce of Chris Dudley’s dignity – and then pushes him to the ground. Dudley – who was in dire need of a hug at this point – responds by heaving the ball at Shaq’s back. A rash move? Perhaps. But you have to give some leeway to a grown man who was just obliterated by a GROWN MAN.

Next time you think your life is hard and unbearable, watch these three seconds and thank the heavens your name is not Chris Dudley:

pniw2How sorry do you feel for Chris Dudley on a scale of 1-Tragic? Drop me a line @MarkAGavigan.


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