Senior Send-Off: Jamir Watkins looking to make mark at VCU

Jamir Watkins
Jamir Watkins looks to bring VCU back up to speed after the team lost most of their contributors. (Credit: Alex Fischbein/Basketball Society)

Welcome to Senior Send-Off! This is a series where we highlight the seniors that we covered or watched extensively throughout their senior season. Check out our Instagram to see the graphics and phone backgrounds made for each player. Previous Senior Send-Off pieces are here.

What does he bring?

(By Founder Martin Soaries)

Jamir Watkins is a complete package and a complete threat. His size and ability combined with his handle, athleticism, and continually improved shooting made him into a nightmare matchup for New Jersey programs while in high school. With his 6’7″ frame and guard-like skills, he possesses one of the best prototypes for a dominant wing. He wears multiple hats as we’ve seen him dictate the offense, flow with the offense, destroy opposing offenses, and sacrifice his body for turnovers. He’s widely considered one of the top prospects from New Jersey after he blew up with a huge AAU season going into his season year. Watkins has multi-positional potential and can be a unique specimen at the next level and beyond.

What can we expect from VCU?

(By College Writer TJ Oxley)

VCU will head into the 2020-2021 season looking for production as five of the six leading scorers(four of five starters) either graduated or transferred. The most notable of the bunch being big man Marcus Santos-Silva who left for Texas Tech. The Rams did get good production from freshman Nah’Shon Hyland who will be looked to lead the team for the foreseeable future. Coach Mike Rhoades is known for continuing the pressure havoc defense that VCU has been accustomed to and things should look no different going forward. The Rams will have to wait for Coppin State transfer Brendan Medley-Bacon to contribute but we could see some immediate impact from some newcomers as the Rams bring in the top recruiting class in the conference featuring Ace Baldwin, Josh Banks, Mikeal Brown-Jones, and the aforementioned Jamir Watkins.


Jamir Watkins is going to be a starter right away. The way he has grown and still shows some tremendous signs of potential while having the prototypical frame for a collegiate/pro wing is going to give him a huge boost. VCU will be able to use him on offense in a plethora of ways and he’s going to fit perfectly into their defensive system. The recruiting class for this squad is great and Watkins can very well be considered the headliner of it when it’s all said and done.


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