Senior Send-Off: CJ Wilcher shooting his way to Xavier University

CJ Wilcher
CJ Wilcher is heading to Xavier University next year after an impressive career at Roselle Catholic. (Credit: Alex Fischbein/Basketball Society)

Welcome to Senior Send-Off! This is a series where we highlight the seniors that we covered or watched extensively throughout their senior season. Check out our Instagram to see the graphics and phone backgrounds made for each player. Previous Senior Send-Off pieces are here.

What does he bring?

Right off the bat, with CJ Wilcher, you’re talking about an elite catch-and-shoot threat who’s natural ability is to space the floor. CJ is a deadly rhythm shooter and he has shown that he can get his shot off in different situations. He’s proven he can get hot when it matters, like in Roselle Catholic’s sectional championship game three months ago. The Lions were down by 10 in the fourth quarter when Wilcher knocked down three straight contested threes off screens to lead their comeback win. It’s easy to see that he lives for those moments with the passion and tenacity he brings to the floor. He’s a big-time worker and shot maker which should stamp itself even more through this next phase of his career. That combined with the fact that he’s still been able to stand out on a team that’s packed with Division One talent means that he will also be able to fit into a system.

What can we expect from Xavier?

The top two players from Xavier are now gone. Naji Marshall will be moving onto the NBA and Tyrique Jones has finished up his time at the school. Both players ranked in the top five of the conference in scoring and rebounding respectively. Last season, however, the team was dead last in the conference in three-point shooting, and second to last in scoring overall. Tyrique’s intensity on both ends will surely be missed, but others are here to assist with the rebuilt squad to compete in the new Big East with UConn now coming in. Seniors Paul Scruggs and Jason Carter are joined by a nice young recruiting class that includes Dwon Odom on top of CJ Wilcher. This Xavier team will be great for years to come and will continue to compete in the packed Big East despite the loss of two of the best defenders that have stepped on this campus.


If CJ Wilcher isn’t a starter by the time the season starts, then he will be soon afterward. His shooting, IQ, and work ethic are all going to be the main factors that allow him to crack the starting lineup early on in his collegiate career. Xavier lost their leading scorer on a team that is already badly in need of scoring. This only opens the doors wide open for a player like CJ Wilcher to step in and take over.


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