Sam Hinkie Steps Down as GM of Sixers


“The Process” is over. The Sam Hinkie era in Philadelphia is over, as he said he is stepping down from the organization.

From Marc Stein of ESPN:

Bryan Colangelo, Jerry Colangelo’s son, has been point as the leading candidate Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertial reports.

Statement from Josh Harris:

Hinkie’s tenure with the Sixers was sort of unsuccessful, but it seems like he didn’t get enough time. It wasn’t his fault that Joel Embiid got hurt and scared the Cavaliers from drafting him. If not, Wiggins would have fallen into his lap and the Sixers just may have a little bit more direction like they do now. Wiggins’ actual team is just a veteran or two away from a chance in the playoffs in the Western Conference. He traded away Jrue Holiday for a risky pick in Nerlens Noel, but has started to work out because Nerlens is on the rise while Holiday is on the decline.

It didn’t make sense at first.

Then again it makes a lot of sense because the Sixers are over here stuck at square one.

Hinkie stepping down was probably was the only decision the Sixers organization, as a whole, could make. Hinkie leaving means a full blow Colangelo regime (if Bryan is hired). They will be able to work with what Hinkie has acquired which is a lot of draft picks, young big men with potential, and small expiring contracts. The Sixers can build out of this hole because they have the money to spend.

This could also be a blessing in diguise for the Sixers because Hinkie may have made a big, big mistake if they were keep him as the GM. He could have traded away assets that the Colangelo’s feel are important pieces. Then again, that goes back to Hinkie and Jerry Colangelo butting heads.

This summer the Sixers can be a little more aggressive and keep their core players they have drafted in the past. They are going to have a good position in the draft to get some position of need. It just won’t be with Hinkie at the helm.


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