Reports say Pau Gasol likely won’t stay in Chicago

Pau Gasol

The Chicago Bulls have been one of the biggest disappointment stories in the NBA this season. They’ve been regressing the last few seasons, and now it seems as though they won’t even be making the playoffs. Also, at the trade deadline, the Bulls were exploring trades for Pau Gasol so that they could free up some minutes for their other front court members. Then, all of a sudden, the two parties decided they were going to stay together for a few more seasons.

Well, now, it looks like Gasol will most likely be out the door again. K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune reported it first:

Gasol has talked about differences in the way he thinks compared to the way Fred Hoiberg is coaching the team. There is a disconnect between the two, and whenever that happens, it usually means that the two parties are ready to separate. After the rumors that Jimmy Butler would possibly be traded, mostly due to the apparent disconnect between him and Hoiberg as well, this wouldn’t look too good on Hoiberg or his job security. The decision for the front office may come down to Hoiberg or the players, which makes The Vertical’s Adrian Wojnarowski’s report that the Bulls are practically stuck with Hoiberg even more relevant.


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