Raptors should re-sign Bismack Biyombo, but for the right price


Bismack Biyombo was playing this season on a $3 million contract. He had himself a solid season leading up to the playoffs, but once the playoffs started, he turned into a completely different player. Biyombo averaged 6.2 points and almost 10 rebounds this playoff season, and was especially effective on the defensive end. With Biyombo becoming a free agent, he will have the ability to create some leverage on his contract situation.

Biyombo has reiterated that he wants to return to Toronto, and would even take a hometown discount.

“Honestly, I do. We still have some unfinished business. It was so much fun to see the team go from last year to this year making the Eastern Conference finals. Be it would be fun to go even further next season.”

It is a smart move by Biyombo to say he is willing to take a hometown discount, because if not, Toronto would basically have no chance of bringing him back. The Raptors are in a tough situation. They want to make sure they have enough money to bring back DeMar DeRozan and still be able to retain Biyombo. Their first priority should be to bring back DeRozan. When it comes to a guy like Biyombo he is very important to a team, but there are many other secondary options to a guy like Biyombo when it comes to his abilities defensively. You can’t spend a numerous amount of money on a guy like him because they just gave Jonas Valanciunas a 4-year, $64 million dollar contract last season. If they are to give Biyombo the same amount of money, then what kind of money will DeRozan get?

Valanciunas will play a bigger role next year, it will be hard to give his back up a big amount of money.

My point is, with Biyombo willing to take a hometown discount, a low-ball offer should be put on the table first. You don’t want to do what Cleveland did last year, which was battle out the contract negotiations with Tristan Thompson, and were forced to give him way too much money. If I am Toronto, I am standing my ground with what I offer Biyombo, and if he is not willing to take your offer, then let him walk. It is not worth having that much money held in that position.


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