Pump Fake to the Altar: Episode 19 – What’s the ceiling for the Knicks and Lakers this season?

Pump Fake to the Altar NBA

How far can the Knicks and Lakers go this season? Your hosts Felix John-Baptiste and DJ Allen give their expectations for both franchises. In this episode of Pump Fake to the Altar, the guys give realistic goals for each team. DJ, for one, doesn’t expect to see much of a drop off from LeBron James.

“I expect him to be LeBron. We saw it in the preseason–we saw him get guys involved. He’s constantly moving the ball, and then when he wants to go get his, he’ll go get his”.

It must be nice having a proven All-Time basketball player on your favorite team. Felix can’t say the same for his Knicks, but he does sound hopeful:

“I think right now the Knicks are going through a change of culture and I think it’s excellent for the team”

Coach David Fizdale appears to be the perfect match for the team. He’s demanding enough to want to move the ball from side to side, but also intelligent enough to recognize talent. Overall, Felix likes the fit:

“And you know he had a quote today saying it’s about the culture in New York. If the culture doesn’t change, they’re not getting any free agents…and I thought that was so important because everyone wants to say cap space, cap space, cap space, but you know, as we’ve seen recently it’s not always about the money. Players want to play with other dudes who are going to go just as hard as them. They are going to want to play for coaches that understand them and that are willing to work together, and they want to play for organizations that are together.”

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Bonus: The guys belabor the Jimmy Butler saga some more. As if it hasn’t been covered already (hah).


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