VIDEO: 17-year-old draft prospect Dragan Bender with big block


Dragan Bender may be a name that we will be hearing a lot in the future. The 17 year-old Croation came up with a big block in an exhibition game against the Emporio Armani Milan on Stanko Barac.

The 7’1″ European star is viewed by many as a sure thing in the 2016 NBA draft. Some are even calling him the “2016 Kristaps Porzingis“. Even though we haven’t really seen what Porzingis will be in the League yet, I do believe he will be a solid player for the New York Knicks; so maybe it’s a compliment. Even though he still has a lot to prove, Dragan has the support of a lot of scouts and many see him going high in the next draft, so let’s see what he’s all about.

Check out a few of his highlights below!


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