PJ Washington Scouting Report

PJ Washington

School: Kentucky

Year: Sophomore

Height/Weight: 6’8″ 228 lbs



P.J. Washington is an undersized power forward that has amazing passing ability coupled with an ever improving mid-range game. He’s got the potential to develop at the next level as a solid undersized power forward. PJ is able to use his size as of now, but at the next level he will be known as undersized and his game must adapt.

The Dallas native has a great feel for the game offensively with the ball in his hand. His playmaking ability is one of the most underrated attributes that Washington posses. That was on full display against UNC this season when Washington totaled 8 assists, arguably his best sample size in a win against the Heels.

His awareness on offense and court vision is what is so intriguing.

His strength against collegiate players is also eye catching. He keeps players guessing whether he is going to attack or pull-up with his deadly mid-range. That strength allows him to get to the rim with ease if he chooses to go that path.

Additionally, Washington has a nice shot and touch around the rim. With his size, he is dominant on the block and has a beautiful combination of good footwork and strength. At times, he’ll love to go to that unique hook shot that he has found success with in his career as a wildcat.

At the next level, at his size, since he will not have the chance to overpower most players, that footwork is going to be key.

Washington has a unique ability to draw fouls even though he is undersized by NBA standards. This is mostly contributed to the fact that PJ loves to throw his body around in the paint. He’ll surely have an opportunity to show that elite skill at the next level.

Washington’s ceiling defensively is tough to gauge. There have been two games this season against Winthrop and Mississippi State where he totaled four blocks. He has the potential with his solid hands to become an underrated rebounder and shot blocker at the next level. His above average length makes him a solid small ball defender and with that, shows he has the potential to establish good position. It will be interesting to see how well he progresses at the next level defensively and on the glass as well.



Washington has elite shooting ability from the mid-range level, however if he wants to succeed at the next level he must be able to shoot the three point shot at a consistent level. Washington can be a very streaky shooter. At the next level, he will not be able to bully defenders given the difference in strength, so developing that outside jumper is important.

Washington is a finesse player who doesn’t possess elite athleticism. It can worry some players how solid and well his game will adjust at the next level given that missing quality. As mentioned, he has solid defense, but his off ball defense is poor. He has lapses of judgement and can easily fall asleep and allow players to sneak behind him on the baseline. He must improve on his awareness on the court to succeed on both sides of the ball, due to him lacking athleticism.

He must become a smarter defender at the next level, to display his maximum potential. Especially at the next level, and in Summer League, to earn a role, he’s gonna have to show the team who he’s playing for that he can manage playing against bigger defenders as well.


Future Outlook:

P.J. Washington is a solid power forward with good hands, passing instincts, mid-range game and rebounding ability. He has a great feel for the game offensively. With that being said Washington, must improve his off ball defense and his three point shooting ability to improve his draft stock.

As of right now, I can see him being a late first round pick and if he lands somewhere like Oklahoma City Thunder, he may be able to create a solid NBA career for himself.


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