Fisch’s Friday Rant: March Madness Excitement Levels

March Madness, Morgan William, Mississippi State

The March Madness tournaments for both the Men and Women have officially come and gone. Exciting games, blowout games, average games, and games with professional prospects went across televisions all over the country. Now, we’re on to mock drafts, Lonzo and LaVar Ball making more headlines, and Lance Stephenson returning to the Indiana Pacers.

When it comes to entertainment value and excitement, the Women’s March Madness tournament was better overall than their male counterparts. There was no UConn with a historic win streak that looked like a huge powerhouse in the men’s side of things. There was no “little guy” type of player like Morgan William who took the tournament by storm. Also, the National Championship game between Gonzaga and North Carolina contained the one of the worst second halves of basketball that I’ve watched to date.

Of course, we can’t forget that Lonzo and LaVar Ball are still around. In the latest bit of news, Lonzo said that he’d rather be drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers instead of being drafted number one. Sure, he gets a plus for honesty, but he may already be showing up as “baggage” to a lot of teams.

Finally, Lance Stephenson returned to Indiana, and he is already hurting some feelings. After getting a layup, while the Pacers were in the lead with time expiring, the Toronto Raptors decided to take offense to it. Instead of worrying about winning games, they decided to take it all out on Lance Stephenson. Winning silences all critics, they should think about that.


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