NBA Preseason Power Rankings: No. 27 Denver Nuggets


The Denver Nuggets have been an extremely average team since the departure of George Karl. This Denver team can beat you on any given night, but they aren’t a realistic playoff team.

The concern with this lineup is centered around the back-court. Mudiay is a young point guard who will need to step up big immediately. No shooting guard is a clear front-runner for the job which may convince Malone to start both Wilson Chandler and Danilo Gallinari in the lineup together. That still remains to be seen. What is evident at this point is that the Nuggets will have their fair share of problems to start off the season.

What should fans look forward to this season?

Emmanuel Mudiay’s NBA debut and Mike Malone’s coaching debut for the Nuggets. Mike Malone was fired from the Sacramento Kings last year because of unrealistic expectations. The Kings started off the season well but, struggled without their star, with Cousins out for an extended period of time. The blame was put on Malone.

Now, Mike Malone will have a fresh start with his new and promising point guard, Mudiay. Emmanuel Mudiay was one of the more impressive point guards during Summer League. You had to have watched a game to actually understand the potential that he showcased. Emmanuel Mudiay is a must watch rookie.

What is their projected starting lineup?

PG- Emmanuel Mudiay

SG- Wilson Chandler

SF- Danilo Gallinari

PF- Kenneth Faried

C- Jusuf Nurkic

Who can emerge as a star?

Kenneth Faried. Again and again, we have hoped for Faried to have that spectacular season. Unfortunately, he has just not lived up to expectations yet in his career.

Cousins excelled in Malone’s system last year and I believe Mike Malone will be able to find the right system to incorporate Faried and the rest of the talented players.

What will be their final record?



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