Fun With Numbers: Players With Most Games Shooting Above 60% From The Field And 3-Point Range

Hector Amezcua The Sacramento Bee
Hector Amezcua The Sacramento Bee
Hector Amezcua The Sacramento Bee

Today I was fooling around on the Basketball Reference play index, as I often do, to see if I could find any interesting statistics. Whether they are statistical anomalies or simply stats that make you think about the game in general, it’s always good to look in depth into statistics. Today, I found a very interesting stat.

Last night I was watching some of the Spurs and Bulls game to marvel at the player that is Kawhi Leonard. The effort and contribution he puts into both ends always leaves me astounded. Leonard finished with 29 points and 7 rebounds while shooting above 65% from the field and 80% from 3-point range.

So, this morning, while on the play index, I decided to look up the players this season who have the most games shooting above 60% from the field and from 3-point range. (You can find the entire list here.)

I knew that there would be some people on the list who had games shooting one shot, with that being a 3, and making it. The fact that there would be players with these games is understood.

Kawhi Leonard and Jose Calderon were the two top players on the list having shot over 60% from the field and from 3-point range in 12 games each. The fact that Kawhi Leonard, the go to guy for the Spurs and the one who has to take the tough shots late in the shot clock for San Antonio, is on this list is incredible.

There aren’t too many top players on this list. Again, take a look for yourself at the list as it’s very interesting to look at some of those names.

If you are like me, you’d probably wonder where Steph Curry was on this list. Well, to find him I clicked Ctrl+F and typed in Curry. I found Curry towards the bottom with 5 such games, but wait…Curry’s name was listed twice!

Yes, that’s right, Seth Curry has the same amount of games with above 60% shooting from the field and three that Steph Curry does. Sure, Seth Curry doesn’t take nearly the amount of shots that Steph does and even in those 5 games he rarely shot the ball, but it’s still interesting to see their names next to each other.


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